Being able to master the hip hinge movement pattern is crucial for lifters. All three major lower body movements: deadlift, trap bar deadlift, and barbell squat, require an athlete to be able hip hinge if performed correctly. In the squat movement pattern many athletes hyperextend their low back instead of using their glutes and hip hinging correctly, which places a large amount of stress on the low back, increasing the likelihood of a back injury over time. We use several exercises to help our athletes learn this pattern before we start loading them with a barbell.

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The Reverse Glute Ham is designed to train the back side of the body can be used in a multitude of ways. Whether the reps are performed with straight or bent legs, the athlete still has to stabilize their pelvis and move at the hip joint. In a straight leg scenario this motion mimics the same motion as an RDL while avoiding the compressive load, making it a great option to teach an athlete how to hinge at the hips.

The Pit Shark allows someone to perform a good morning wearing a vest that attaches to the chassis with a chain. The vest keeps the load closer to the athlete’s center of mass, and eliminates some of the issues a barbell may raise for someone still learning how to move. The good morning does load the spine and has a very similar feel to an RDL or rack pull, however, the athlete doesn’t have to worry about holding the barbell allowing them to focus solely on the loaded movement pattern. Once an athlete has mastered this pattern we will load them with a barbell, or on the Pit Shark Row and Pull, with a normal RDL.

When teaching athletes how to squat, the Power Squat Pro is a great tool. It eliminates the barbell, which we have found to be a challenge for some of our athletes, has adjustable pins that help dictate a consistent range of motion regardless of an athlete’s height, and places the load closer to an athlete’s center of mass. The Power Squat Pro simplifies the loaded squat pattern, and with the range limiting pins we can control how low an athlete squats, avoiding excessive pelvic tilt or rolling at the bottom of the movement. We will only program barbell squats with our athletes after they have become proficient squatters on the Power Squat Pro.

The hip hinge movement pattern should be mastered before loading an athlete with a barbell. We use several exercises to teach this pattern to our athletes, some incorporating spinal load, and others without it. For more on the hip hinge movement pattern and controlling pelvic tilt, check out the video below by Luke Rose from Rutgers University.

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