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Iron Grip is the premiere free weight provider in the world. Their products can be found in all facilities representing the four major professional sport in the United States and beyond the U.S. borders as well. Iron Grip takes great pride in being “Made in the USA”, and manufactures all of their products in California.

At SMARTER Team Training, we have over six tons of custom Iron Grip urethane plates and dumbbells in our weight room. The ergonomic design of the handgrips on the plates make them safe and comfortable for lifting, loading, unloading, and carrying. Plus, the distinctive 12-sided design helps to minimize rolling.

Iron Grip has changed the strength training game for the better once again with their XL handle dumbbells. The XL handles are significantly thicker than Iron Grip’s standard handles and force the users to activate the muscle that move the fingers and wrist. You will notice a difference in your forearm strength when you use the XL handles consistently. This activation climbs up the chain into the arm and upper body. More muscle activation means greater strength gains. Grip strength is a limiting factor in many programs, and is often overlooked. A stronger grip will improve confidence and potentially performance.

“Standard” is by no means the way to describe Iron Grips original dumbbells. Their unique patented handle design has flared shoulders that widen to a beefy 1 ¾´´ diameter at each end, adding strength and durability. The extra-wide ends also create a defined gripping area to provide the user with a secure, comfortable grip in the center of the handle. Having more confidence in hand placement allows the lifter to exert more effort on each rep and therefore able to push through those last tough reps.

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“Using either the standard grip or XL handle Iron Grip dumbbells during tension lunges for time, then the opposite thickness for RDL’s on the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull during warm-up on strength training days, has helped add variety in our weak link programming. Attacking the grip has made a huge difference in our strength results.” – Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training


Mike changes his training up with…

“When we have teams in I like to split them into two groups, one group in the rack, and one group on the benches for our shrug series. The group in the Rogers Athletic Full Rack will do a barbell shrug set to a cadence, while the group on the bench does a Gittleson Shrug set to the same cadence. To challenge the grip strength of our athletes, I prefer to use the XL Grip dumbbells by Iron Grip. After each group is done, they will switch, this way we address both the upper and mid trap in a time efficient manner.” – Mike Whitman, Director of Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“The Iron Grip Dumbbells are great for a shoulder and chest workout all in one. We like to use the Rogers Athletic benches for our shoulders and bench presses as well. Start with an upright vertical shoulder press, with a weight for about 8-12 repetitions. Then, pull the bench back two clicks and do about 8 reps of an incline press with the same weight. Finally, 6-8 reps with the same weight on a flat bench press.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach


Riley enjoys this protocol the most…

“On upper body days we use the Iron Grip XL grips for ‘Crazy 5’s’ to put more stress on the fingers, hands, forearms, upper arms, and shoulders. Individuals start off by doing five regular dumbbell presses. Next do five reps with one arm, then right into five reps with the other arm. Continue alternating until twenty or more reps on each arm are achieved. If twenty or more unassisted, quality reps are completed, the individual can move up in weight the next training session.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach





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