Versatility is important when you begin to consider square footage in your facility. The Row-and-Pull from Pit Shark offers many exercise options in a small footprint. It is quick to switch exercises from shrugs to rows to RDLs then deadlift. This sequence on the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull can be used as a finisher, circuit, or when strength training is the primary focus.

Most trainees see the bi-lateral setup to Pit Shark Row-and-Pull, but overlook that this piece has been designed to function independently too. Changing out the straight bar attachment for handles is quick and easy. Using a single handle gives this piece the feel of training with a dumbbell. Add the thick grip barbell or handle options and this piece will have you wanting more.

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Standing Row

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Shrug Series To Deadlift

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Standing Row

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull RDL

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Power Shrug

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Deadlift

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Chest Supported Unilateral Rows

Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Chest Supported Bilateral Rows

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“Without any question this four exercise series with Pit Shark and Rogers Athletic equipment is tough. Set up the Row-and-Pull for straight bar RDLs. Complete 3-5 good reps with a smart weight for the trainee. Then right to the Power Squat Pro for 3-5 quality reps. Back to the Row-and-Pull for bench rows pinning the bar to the seat for 3-5 solid reps. Then to the Shoulder Incline for 3-5 controlled rep. Then using these exercises repeat the same sequence for 5-7, 6-8, and 8-10. You will have that good ‘sore’ feeling all over your body the next day or two when you do this protocol right.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training


Mike changes his training up with…

“Another pull to push, or posterior to anterior, combination we utilize is the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull Banded RDL to the Rogers Athletic Power Squat Pro. Adding the bands to the RDL forces the athlete to really drive their hips through the bar, which pairs great with the squat. One of the set and rep schemes we will use with this is our 26+ rep scheme which is four paired sets long. The athlete will choose a weight they can do about 10 times on each lift. Starting with the Banded RDL, the athlete will perform 8 reps, then go right to the squat and perform 8 reps. In the second set the rep goal is 7 reps for each lift, then 6 on the third set, and 5+ on the last set. The athlete should try to rest less than 1 minute between each round. If the athlete can perform 26 or more reps on each lift the weight will increase.” – Mike Whitman, Director of Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“The Pit Shark Row-and-Pull is actually my favorite method to use for shrugs, among others such as rows, deadlifts, RDLs, etc. Rather than a classic dumbbell shrug, the pulling motion on the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull has an incredibly smooth pull and can be band loaded for accommodating resistance. I prefer a shrug on the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull over any other option.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach


Riley enjoys this protocol the most…

“An awesome way to use the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull is to super-set it with the Rogers Shoulder Incline. Try this superset out at your next training session. Using a weight you can lift around 10 times on each machine, perform 5 sets of 5-8 reps super-setting between the Row and Pull and Rogers Shoulder Incline. This protocol keeps the intensity up and allows you to work the anterior and posterior side of the body in a short amount of time.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach






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