SMARTER Team Training offers internship opportunities in multiple disciplines for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as military personnel. These internship positions are designed to give the individual “hands on” experience, and to provide an educational opportunity to learn training protocols that are prudent, productive, practical, and purposeful.

Certainly, there are limited employment opportunities in the sports performance field at the private, collegiate, and professional levels. However, if you have the appropriate educational credentials and a sincere passion for “rolling up your sleeves” and conducting “hands on”/individualized training, STT would encourage you to pursue your dream.

Thank you for your interest in the SMARTER Team Training Internship Program. Please contact Coach Taylor today regarding internship openings at

Current openings available:
Intern-Assistant to the Performance Team
Intern-Assistant Public/Media Relations and Marketing Team
Intern-Assistant Audio, Video, and Visual Team
Intern-Assistant Creative Design Team

STT Interns receive valuable experience through training and practical experience. Some examples are:
– Acquire knowledge, in a “hands on” fashion, by prescribing and implementing a strength and conditioning program for clients and athletes that requires active participation in all aspects.
– Acquire the knowledge to prescribe and implement aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, as well as flexibility programs for various ages and levels of clients and athletes.
– Acquire knowledge of proper exercise techniques and use of strength training equipment.
– Acquire basic knowledge of rehabilitating exercise techniques.
– Acquire knowledge of safety procedures and potential hazardous situations as they relate to the sports performance environment.
– Develop working knowledge of computer skills, audio editing, filming, and video production in a variety of programs and applications.
– Develop scientific research and writing skills that can be used to develop blogs, articles, and marketing pieces.
– Develop a positive coaching disposition and professional image through working with different individuals firsthand and collaborating on projects with worldwide visibility.

Internship applications are accepted at any time throughout the year. Requirements include:
– Rising seniors, individuals who have just completed their undergraduate degree, graduate students, or members of the military interested in a career in the strength and conditioning field preferred.
– A commitment to a minimum of 30 hours a week.
– Prior experience in strength training environment, preferably with student-athletes.
–Currently certified in CPR and First Aid.
– Eligible to take the NSCA-CSCS, NSPA-CCS, NASM or NASE examinations.

Preferred course work prior to internship experience:
– Anatomy, Physiology, and Exercise Physiology
– Kinesiology/Biomechanics
– Care and Prevention of Athletic Injury
– CPR Training and Certification
– Sports Nutrition
– Statistics
– Computer Science
– Marketing
– Audio and Video Production
– Graphic Design

Application Procedure
Email your resume, cover letter and three references complete with phone numbers to Coach Taylor by clicking here.

Internship Program Feedback
An open dialogue is crucial to the education process. As young professionals learn and develop, there becomes a unique bond established. Read the feedback below to learn more about the program through the eyes and lives of the interns and their academic supervisors.

What aspect of the internship experience were you most intrigued about?
“A friend of mine who was in the program let me know about it at a conference and he informed me about the networking opportunities that the experience could lead to. Also it was my first opportunity to work with Division I athletes so that Monday after the conference I came in, interviewed, and started that week.” – Joe Griffin, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Anaheim Angels Organization, STT Intern

“The STT internship is high intensity, fast paced, and incredibly dense with information. I was intrigued with how new interns are simply expected to keep up and learn as fast as possible. I have enjoyed embracing the concept of ‘keep up and prove your worth, or see you later.’” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

“The most intriguing portion of my internship experience was meeting a wide array of professionals in the strength & conditioning/ athletic development field. The importance of networking is always emphasized and Coach Taylor has put me in situations where I could successfully build relationships with other professionals.” – Jordan Barber, STT Intern

“Coming from a military background, I appreciate motivation, intensity, and discipline in everything I do. STT offered just this, encouraging growth through gaining knowledge and applying the things I learned with clients and athletes at all levels. What distinguishes this program is the passion and level of commitment the staff and interns have to one another, and every client/athlete that comes in.” – Daniel Lunz, STT Intern

“After meeting Coach Taylor and learning about the internship experience I was most intrigued about him as a person and the way that he used strength and conditioning to impact people and build relationships. Obviously I was very interested in learning more about strength and conditioning and the field as a whole. In the end though, what really drew me to SMARTER Team Training was how he emphasized just becoming ‘one rep better’ every day and building relationships with people instead of the typical ‘I pick things up, I put them down’ mentality.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

Did the structure of the weekly duties help with your experience?
“I really enjoyed the weekly duties; it made it easier to accomplish all of the long term goals that were set before us. The clarity in which the book was laid out also helped, there was very little that was unclear leaving all of my success on my own shoulders.” – Mike Whitman, STT Director of Training, STT Intern

“The structure of the program was setup so that each week the intern had a specific set of duties. The completion of the weekly duties was up to the intern to determine when the best time was to complete them. This developed time management skills and broke up large projects into smaller more manageable portions. ” – Adam O’Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center, STT Intern

“The structure of the weekly duties helped with my experience because it continued to push me to become more responsible. All responsibilities are earned and not given; that aspect of the internship has really challenged me to become a detailed oriented professional.” – Jordan Barber, STT Intern

“Yes. Having a very tight structure and expectations of my duties every week helped my experience in a way that I could really focus and put my time and effort into the details rather than just coming in and guessing what or how things were supposed to be done.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

Did you receive enough training to represent yourself as a professional in the field?
“The first couple weeks of the internship were very intense. I was expected to learn all of the programs and be able to teach them efficiently to each client. By the end of this time I was confident that I could represent myself as a knowledgeable professional.” – Adam O’Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center, STT Intern

“Yes, I received enough training to represent myself as a professional plus some. The training I received has separated me as a professional from my peers; it marked me as a unique and gifted trainer. The knowledge I have gained has given me the opportunity to make a living doing what I love and that’s helping others achieve their fitness goals.” – Keenan Bishop, STT Intern

“Coach Taylor and Mike both provide excellent guidance and knowledge throughout the internship experience, and they have certainly prepared us interns for professional positions in the field. However, do not expect it to be handed to you. I have learned that those who are driven and have the desire to learn will be at the front of the pack.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

“Yes, Coach Taylor and the entire SMARTER Team Training staff will hold you to such a high standard that representing yourself as a young professional will be an easy task. The conversations, weekly duties, and environment of STT has allowed me to gain the knowledge and the confidence to represent myself extremely well in front of many top professionals in the field.” – Jordan Barber, STT Intern

“After participating in this internship my confidence in this field has skyrocketed. I feel that wherever I go, I now have the capabilities to perform at a high level and would be an asset and an immediate positive impact on whoever I was working with.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

Did you receive adequate support/guidance during your internship?
“Yes a lot of tough love and constructive criticism, if I was not doing something right Coach Taylor would let me know right away and would give an example of what would happen if I did that as a coach at another program. Also you were praised or given positive feedback if he liked the way you were performing.” – Joe Griffin, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Anaheim Angels Organization

“I received guidance and support daily. If I had questions or wanted advice I could always feel confident seeking information from Coach Taylor.” – Adam O’Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center, STT Intern

“Yes. I received support, guidance, as well as critiques daily in not only aspects of strength and conditioning such as proper techniques, but even the business side of this field. Knowledge that you cannot obtain except through actual experience in the field.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

How has the internship helped prepare you for a position in the field?
“While interning one of the first pieces of information you learn is how to be a professional, in all circumstances. Although it sounds simple it is one of the things that never went forgotten long after the experience ended.” – Mike Whitman, STT Director of Training, STT Intern

“Throughout the internship I developed my own coaching style and developed skills that improved my coaching. I have made contacts with numerous influential people in the industry.” – Adam O’Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center, STT Intern

“As an aspiring strength coach this internship has given me the opportunity to develop my philosophy as a coach. My philosophy has developed from changes in programming to different sport psychology concepts; there is a very diverse amount of information that will be available to you as an intern.” – Jordan Barber, STT Intern

“This internship has helped prepare me for a position in this field tremendously. I have learned more in the time that I have been here than throughout my years of schooling.” – Riley Oharah, Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

Did you receive sufficient feedback throughout your internship?
“Yes whether it was good or bad I always knew where Coach Taylor stood with me and that was one of my favorite things about the experience. At the end of the week I would receive a text message or email thanking me for helping out and bringing energy to the workouts a real appreciation for the work I put in.” – Joe Griffin, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Anaheim Angels Organization, STT Intern

“Feedback was provided daily and was always constructive. This continuous support and constructive feedback allowed me to grow as a professional and be confident in the coaching I was providing.” – Adam O’Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center, STT Intern

“I received remarkable feedback during my time at STT. I was given honest feedback. The feedback forced me to become a better person and hold myself, and my clients, accountable.” – Keenan Bishop, STT Intern

“I received daily feedback and critiques that greatly helped me grow and improve. STT has very high standards and if I did not meet those standards I knew about it right away. This was exactly the type of environment I was looking for to make sure I continued to learn and grow daily.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

What was most satisfying about your internship?
“The most satisfying part of the internship was having the confidence to be in any gym, working with virtually any population, and being confident in what you are doing as a professional. In a field where there are many opinions on what is best, it is a great personal feeling to be able to defend every action you are making as a professional with both research and experience.” – Mike Whitman, STT Director of Training, STT Intern

“The most satisfying aspect of the STT internship is (and will continue to be) building and cultivating relationships with every athlete or client that walks through our door. Seeing individuals experience growth, on all levels, and playing a role in that process has been the pinnacle of this internship experience.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

“The most satisfying part about being an intern is seeing the growth of others. Anyone from other interns to clients will grow mentally and physically. Having the opportunity to witness other achieve success was definitely my favorite part of being a highly involved part of the SMARTER Team Training intern staff.” – Jordan Barber, STT Intern

“For me the most satisfying thing was that every single day I knew that I was able to help people in a positive way. Whether it was an athlete getting ready for the upcoming season, recovering from an injury or surgery, or just someone trying to become a healthier version of his/herself.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

Did this internship help you to prepare for your career goals?
“Yes I am so much more confident in myself as a coach and my own program design where before I was never sure if the workouts I created were efficient. The hours put in were well worth and I would do it again in a heartbeat.” – Joe Griffin, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Anaheim Angels Organization, STT Intern

“Yes, this internship helped prepared me for my career goals. Talks with Coach Taylor and many others about interdisciplinary professionalism have prepared me to seek opportunities in the college environment with confidence.” – Jordan Barber, STT Intern

How would you rate Coach Taylor as an internship supervisor?
“As both a person and an educator his supervision was fantastic. He never said he was too busy to help me with something, actually it was quite the contrary, he often made time to answer any questions I had. He treated me like a professional in the field; not once did he belittle me for not knowing something, he just helped me fill in whatever pieces I was missing.” – Mike Whitman, STT Director of Training, STT Intern

“I would rate Coach Taylor as an excellent supervisor. He is a very busy professional but was willing to take the time and energy to share his knowledge and resources in the field.” – Adam O’Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center, STT Intern

“Coach Rob is a great internship coordinator, professional in the field, and a positive influence on all who he comes into contact with. I will say that his level of intensity and ‘no nonsense’ state of mind has challenged me to grow as an individual and professional in the field, but his style is not for everyone. If you want to be challenged, put on the spot, learn by doing and are willing to be diligent and teachable…I strongly recommend the STT internship experience.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

“Coach Taylor is a great internship coordinator. I would give him five out five stars for the support and guidance he has given me.” – Jordan Barber, STT Intern

“You couldn’t ask for a better internship supervisor than Coach Rob. He supplied me with constant feedback and instruction on how to improve my skills. He provided me constant guidance while letting me be as creative and innovative as I wanted. He motivated me to do my best and always kept me involved. I really enjoyed my time with everyone at STT; they taught me more about the field, but most importantly showed me how tenacity, hard work, and building relationships can lead you to a successful career and fulfilling life.” – Dallas Floer, STT Intern

“Coach Taylor is one of the most passionate and intense people I have ever met. That is one of the main reasons that I wanted to be a part of the STT internship. Attitude is contagious and Coach Taylor brings it every day. Also being held to a very high standard is what I felt was a key factor in my success and I knew that Coach Taylor would hold me that that level without compromise.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach at STT, STT Intern

How did Coach Taylor influence you as a young professional in the field?
“There was a lot I had to learn about the industry and figure out which direction I wanted to take. I was given advice about if I wanted to go down the college or professional team path or if I wanted to head down the private sector path. I had many questions about the field and how it worked and they were all answered through that experience. I am at a great place in my career and I would not be there without the opportunity with Coach Taylor. If any young person is thinking about getting into strength and conditioning or is on the fence about it, go work with Coach Taylor and you will get a great experience that will help shape your career.” – Joe Griffin, Strength and Conditioning Coach for Anaheim Angels Organization, STT Intern

“Coach Taylor helped me define my personal beliefs and coaching style. I feel any young professional who learns under Coach Taylor will be prepared to enter the field and be successful.” – Adam O’Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center, STT Intern

“Coach Taylor influenced me in many ways. The number one way was his push for us to constantly learn. He taught me that this field requires a consistent pursuit for knowledge. There is always new research or trend that we are responsible for knowing about. It is necessary to properly educate our clients about what they are doing and why they are doing it.” – Keenan Bishop, STT Intern

What aspect of the internship experience were your students most intrigued about?
“The students were intrigued with the concept of ‘thinking outside the box’…not just 3 sets of 10 reps. This allowed the students to be creative, innovative, and to think critically.” – Professor Jennifer Moxley

Did the structure of the weekly duties help with your student’s experience?
“Yes. The students enjoyed having specific guidelines for each week and felt a sense of accomplishment after achieving their goals.” – Professor Jennifer Moxley

Did the interns receive enough training to represent themselves as a professional in the field?
“Yes. I noticed a marked difference in the way students presented themselves after interning with Coach Taylor and SMARTER Team Training. They were more confident in their abilities, focused on their career goals, and presented themselves in a professional manner.” – Professor Jennifer Moxley

How has the internship helped prepare the young professionals for a position in the field?
“The internship encourages discipline, hard work, perseverance, and determination.” – Professor Jennifer Moxley

What was most satisfying about the internship experience?
“The most satisfying aspects of the internship include the vast amount of knowledge achieved, the support of the staff, and the confidence gained through the experience.” – Professor Jennifer Moxley

How would you rate Coach Taylor as an internship host?
“Students have commented on Coach Taylor’s positive feedback and willingness to allow for independent, individualized professional growth.” – Professor Jennifer Moxley

How did Coach Taylor influence the young professional in the field during their experience?
“He validated students’ interest and enthusiasm for the field and even changed the minds of those who thought they wanted to pursue a different career path.” – Professor Jennifer Moxley





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