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Benefits Of Mindset Messages

It is no secret that showing up to every training session, workout, practice, or game full of energy and ready to go, is a difficult feat; and this is especially difficult to ask of younger athletes or clients. Most kids these days have multiple sporting committments, on top of a full week of school and [...]

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Hold Each Other To A Standard

We have said time and time again that 'athlete buy-in' is arguably the most important aspect of any program - if the individuals you are working with are not invested in the program, then achieving success in that program will be a difficult venture. Taking this concept one step further results in the idea that [...]

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Eccentric Training In Your Program

Progression is key to any program, and in fact one of the most important elements. Without progression, how can one justify that any benefits have been made through a program? Similarly, the body will always adapt to new stresses put on it; so if preogression is not part of the protocol, then the process will [...]

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Earns Your Five Dollars

When you work for something, put your blood, sweat, and tears, into a sport or project, it is more meaningful to you than something that is just given to you. At the end of the game in the final minutes how hard are you willing to fight? When it’s fourth and one and the game [...]

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Divide And Conquer Approach To Athlete Development

In today's society which is ruled by sports, many athletes and their families find themselves stretched between different sports, multiple teams, school, extra curriculer activities, etc. A lot of parents are confused on this concept and believe that as many games, tournaments, practices, training sessions, and sports in general that their child can be a [...]

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Do you lead or are you lead?

Are you lead? Or do you lead? Two very important questions for people, and especially coaches and athletes, to ask themselves. At first you may consider a response as it relates to others in a group or on a team. But doesn’t the real answer to these questions come from within? Do you allow your [...]

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Rack Workout Program

Every strength coach wants to design the perfect strength and conditioning program for his or her athletes. Every personal trainer wants to design the perfect class for his or her specific client demographic. Sport specific coaches want to be able to run practice and training well so that their athletes get the most out of [...]

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Understand The Protein Ratio Formula

Protein ratio is the amount of actual bioavailable protein you are receiving from a serving of, in this case a protein shake, relative to the entire mass of the serving. Sound relatively straightforward, but it doesn’t take long to realize this can become a very complicated mess in just a few lines on a nutritional [...]

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Make Training The Ankle A Priority

One of the most important roles of a strength coach is keeping players healthy. Most people want to ask, “How much do you *insert lift here*” when people should really be asking 3 questions: 1. How do you physically prepare for a season? 2. How do you stay healthy throughout a season? 3. How do [...]

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Coaching Expectations

Since presenting all over the country, it is safe to say that many to most don’t know what manual resistance is as it relates to strength and conditioning, a tool in the training tool box, or a resource to work around limitations both equipment wise or physically. The first question that I ask is “What [...]

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