This week on iTunes, STT interviews an innovator and entrepreneur in the fitness industry. David Weck is a visionary in the fitness world.  He is the inventor of the BOSU® Balance Trainer, BOSU® Ballast® Ball and other innovative products and training programs including Rolling Ropes™ and BOSU® FIST™ Training.  David is a lifelong sports and fitness enthusiast who has been working professionally in fitness for more than 19 years working with a wide array of clients including professional and Olympic athletes, sports teams, special populations and kids.  David is grateful to all the talented and dedicated fitness professionals who use his products and programming to help others achieve better balance, performance, and health.

The SMARTER Team Training Audio Interview Series has been developed to share insights from some of the best in the industry. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, drills, and techniques to come from STT on iTunes. Be sure to share the STT Audio Interview Series with coaches, trainers, parents, and athletes too.