This article is authored by Renée Rapetti. Opinions expressed may not be that of SMARTER Team Training, STT sponsors or constituents. Renée is a National-Level NPC Figure Competitor, Certified Personal Trainer and Nutrition Consultant. She designs and implements programs especially designed for women, whether they are walking down the aisle or stepping on a competitive stage.

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Sleeping patterns, diet, and exercise can all have an impact on our energy levels throughout any given day. Do you wish sometimes that you had energy that you could keep going and going? Imagine how productive you’d be without the 3:00pm slump that sneaks up on you every day.

The key to having energy throughout the day is to get enough sleep the night before. We’ve all heard said it before, I am “catching up” on sleep, but unfortunately, it’s not possible to “catch up” on sleep. The best thing to do is be consistent and get to bed at a reasonable hour so you get 7-9 hours of solid sleep per night.

During the day, your energy levels will naturally rise and fall. To stay energized throughout the day, follow these quick and simple tips:

Hydrate! (Read more by clicking here!)
○ When you are dehydrated, your heart has to work harder to pump blood through your body, which can result in fatigue.

Take a break!
○ Added vitamin D will help keep your bones strong and healthy. So step outside to soak up some sunshine!
○ Moving for just a few minutes at a brisk pace will re-energize your body and warm up your muscles. Take a quick 5-minute walk!

○ Spend a few minutes each hour with some light stretching and you will increase your energy for the next hour.

Fuel Up!
○ Eating small meals every few hours will help keep your blood sugar level all day. When your blood sugar is level, you won’t experience sudden drops in energy.

Add more fiber and essential fatty acids!
○ Fiber takes longer to digest, and therefore, keeps your energy levels steady.
○ Essential fatty acids (EFA’s) such as fish oil help keep brain cells healthy and keep you feeling mentally alert.

Listen Up!
○ Music will help stimulate your brain and distract you from feeling fatigued.

Follow these tips and soon you’ll have steady energy levels all day long!

Through her education and career in marketing, Renée has been passionate about helping others achieve their dreams through positive influence, guidance and motivation. Her goal and mission is to continually help others, especially women, achieve their best in fitness, health and life. You can contact her at