Shopping at farmer’s markets or buying food at a grocery store that has been grown locally will also ensure that you are eating whole foods that offer greater health benefits. The longer it takes for food to arrive at your table from its source, the less nutrients it will contain. You might just find yourself enjoying new recipes cooked at home using local, organic ingredients.

On that note, avoid canned or pre-packaged foods whenever possible. Instead, choose a variety of whole grains, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables. Animal products should be eaten in moderation and will provide greater benefits if the animals themselves were fed a healthy diet. A burger from a fast food restaurant will be far less nutritious than a burger cooked at home using lean “free range” beef that is served on a whole grain bun with fresh lettuce and tomatoes.

You can incorporate whole foods into every meal that you eat from breakfast to dinner. Changing your eating habits will help you to feel and look younger while gaining the most benefits from your workout routine.

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