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To increase your running speed, make sure that your foot hits the ground directly under your hip where maximum force is stored. It is equally important to always land on the ball of your foot. Once your foot lands, drive your leg back until it straightens behind your body. This will ensure that the length of your stride is optimized. When your foot lifts off the ground, drive your knee slightly upwards and forward. When maximum force is applied to the ground, your body will be forced quickly forward. You’ll need to practice getting your foot on and off of the ground as quickly as possible while propelling your body forward.

All of these steps happen fast and may take time to get used to. Focus on one technique at a time until you have mastered it, and then add on the next technique. Soon enough, sprinting using all of these techniques will become second nature and your running speed will improve as a result.

Of course, without proper strength and endurance training, your speed workouts will not amount to much when it comes to a competition or game day. If you lose steam, your sprinting abilities will be short lived. Be sure to also include regular weight training such as lunges, barbell routines, jogging, cycling, heavy sleds, and other exercises that will strengthen your muscles and improve your endurance. Add at least two speed workouts per week. You can measure your improvement by investing in a stopwatch. Run a lap or a mile keeping the speed techniques in mind while timing yourself. You are more than likely to see impressive results over time.