Fundamentals are where so many programs stumble before they can even get started. Having an opportunity to share some techniques that focus on the fundamental element of strength training, the repetition, is always fun for me. This series of muscular overloads, and many others, I learned from a legitimate legend of the strength game, Mark Asanovich. The three overloads that will be posted on may be my “go-to” protocols to add instant variety to any strength training session. Read the “Overload Protocols That Will Add Intensity” series here:

Overload Protocol #1: One and a half.
Overload Protocol #2: 7­-4­-7.
Overload Protocol #3: Progression.

Basketball coaches and players will enjoy reading through the articles that are shared on this blog. A special thank you to Brain Anglim for supporting the SMARTER Team Training message and sharing the article with the community.