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SC/AD Michigan Clinic Wrap-Up

STT took another step this weekend with its first ever regional clinic. As this aspect of the education program grows only good things can come of it. I will be posting some highlight clips and pictures from the event in the next few weeks. The post on Friday started off the weekend just right. Honestly [...]

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STT in Detroit, MI

Sitting here in the Holiday Inn Express in Wixom, MI getting ready to head over to the Total Performance Center to set up for tomorrow's clinic. I am heading over to meet Jim Kielbaso and see what he has in store for tomorrow. The facility is great. The line up of speakers is legit! And [...]

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STT announces Grand Slam sponsor!

Our first grand slam sponsor has been confirmed for the 4th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference in Baltimore, MD. Located in Washington, DC, Zephyr Technology contacted STT to support one of the largest strength and conditioning events in the region. Zephyr Technology specializes in Performance Status Monitoring (PSM) Solutions focused on strength and conditioning [...]

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