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STT on YouTube – Body Weight Warm-Up

[tubepress video="HoCLqbfZw2A"] The warm-up sets the tone for the workout. Eliminate the distractions and focus on the task at hand. Incorporate exercises in a rhythmic fashion to get the heart rate up and activate the muscles of the body through full range of motion movements. Balance drills are often overlooked but can add variety too. [...]

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STT on YouTube – Sand Bag Leg Circuit

[tubepress video="N0ubxPQ_8Bk"] Get away from the dumbbells and barbells to add variety to your training. What else is around you to switch up your training? Try grabbing a sand bag and make a list of as many exercises as you can think of. Then pick 5-7 exercises that you can do with confidence and repeat [...]

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STT's tip of the month for December 2010

Far too often I am asked about this “new” diet.  I have honed in to become ready for these questions about two days after we put the current magazine in the cardio area.  More often than not the conversations start with “What do you think?”  I simply ask “Have you eaten breakfast?”  When the answer [...]

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STT on YouTube – Chest Training

[tubepress video="ICMuyFbRHy8"] For more clips, check out STT on YouTube. Be sure to subscribe, rate, and leave a comment for each of the clips. More are coming soon, so check back with STT often for tips, exercises, and drills to help your athletes.

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STT’s workout of the month for November 2010

What do your clients or athletes have in common?  I will give you a hint.  Do the words shoulder, chest, hamstrings, and hips help?  They are tight!  On just about everyone these areas are particularly tight, which can lead to imbalances in your muscle groups and ultimately injuries.   Stretching needs to be individualized just like [...]

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STT's tip #2 of the month for November 2010

Looking for ways to get your kids away from that TV?  How about teaching them something else that is entertaining and rewarding to boot.  With today’s busy lifestyles, families don’t always eat as healthfully as we would like.  Get the youth of our country involved with meal time.  Have them make several fruit and vegetable [...]

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STT's tip of the month for November 2010

What’s the number to that great pizza joint around the corner?  If you read that question and know the answer or worse yet have the number on speed dial, ask yourself this one next… What is your blood pressure?  Better yet, what is your HDL/LDL count?  If you have no idea what yours is then [...]

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STT on YouTube – Core Training Series

[tubepress video="IHH6t65iEzU"] Ab and low back exercises should be part of your routine every time you workout. From warm up to strength training to flexibility, the region of the body often called the "core" needs to be trained properly. The muscles of the abdomen and low back need to be warmed up, stretched, trained, and [...]

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