“As a student-athlete I had a number of strength and conditioning coaches but no one quite like Rob Taylor. As I prepared for the past two Women’s Lacrosse World Cups, I didn’t realize how customized a program could be to a specific position and type of athlete until I worked so closely with Rob. I thought I had been in the best shape of life before but I realized I had so much more to give. Coach Taylor helped me reach a level of fitness that I didn’t know existed. The training program Rob made for me was very challenging both physically and mentally, and it prepared me to be confident and relentless once the World Cups arrived. Above and beyond Rob’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, he is passionate and intelligent. I know he puts in an unbelievable amount of work to come up with programs that suited each of us, not just a program that suited the sport.”
Stacey Morlang, Team Australia Women’s Lacrosse, 2005 World Cup Champion, 2005 and 2009 All-World Team
“Rob Taylor is outstanding in every way and was most instrumental in our run to the NCAA tournament in 2001!”
Fran McCaffery, University of Iowa, Head Men’s Basketball Coach
“Sometimes in life you run across a person that makes you better—Coach Taylor is one of those people. With Rob’s guidance and support along my athletic career, I was able to become a stronger athlete, reaching goals that I never could have imagined. Rob provided me with the tools and knowledge I needed to be successful, and I will be eternally grateful for his advice and services. Without Coach Taylor’s guidance, I would have never been able to achieve the national recognition I have had for my sport. With Rob’s knowledge, dedication, and passion for training athletes, I am convinced he could improve the abilities of any athlete. Not only is Coach an excellent strength and conditioning coach but he is also a great person. He shows genuine concern for all his students-athletes both on and off the field. From my perspective, Rob’s knowledge about sport-appropriate fitness, combined with his constant support of his athletes, places him in a category high above others in the field.”
Theresa Ferraina, Two time Academic First Team All-American, Lowe’s Senior CLASS Award second team recipient, and MAAC Offensive Player of the Year at Loyola College
“I spent 5 years working with Rob Taylor and myself, my staff and players had a wonderful experience. Not only is he extremely knowledgeable, but he is a great motivator and a great educator. He really is a strength and conditioning “coach” and a great educator. Our coaches and players learned so much from him and I still consult with him on strength and conditioning matters.”
John Byford
, Villanova University, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
2006 MAAC Women’s Soccer Coach of the Year, Loyola College, Head Women’s Soccer Coach
“Rob Taylor is one of the most influential people I have come across in my basketball career. He allowed me to find my potential and go beyond it. Even now when I think I can’t make it through a practice, I think back to my workouts with Coach Taylor. Even when I was physically and emotionally exhausted, he somehow willed me to keep going. Rob is constantly finding new ways to give his athletes an edge over their competitors. Playing basketball overseas, I have come across athletes from all over and it is incredible to see how many exercises/drills they do incorrectly. A big thing Coach emphasizes is technique. Not only did he teach me many exercises to enhance my performance, but he also taught me how to do them properly in order to get the best results. Seeing how much further along I am in regards to strength, agility, and skill in comparison to the other athletes at my level. I now realize that all the hard work was worth it. Thanks Coach Taylor!”
Jill Glessner
, Nottingham Wildcats, 2009 English League Player of the Year, First Team All-MAAC at Loyola College
“I have worked with numerous strength and conditioning coaches and many different fitness programs throughout my soccer career. I can honestly say that working with Rob Taylor has been one of the best experiences regarding my development into a professional athlete. One of the advantages of working with Rob is that his workouts are designed to improve one’s physical ability. One of the major positives that Rob’s brings to the table is his motivation and his unmatchable positive attitude. I admit that the workouts were far from easy, but the atmosphere created during the workouts is extremely inspiring. Speaking as a professional athlete I can say that the benefits that I have obtained while working with Rob are vast. My personal improvement in terms of mental strength and stability since working with Coach Taylor has been valuable in my case as I am the captain of my current team. I still ask for suggestions and look forward to hearing Rob’s prospective. I will always be grateful for Coach Taylor’s efforts.”
Rade Kokovic
, Professional International Soccer Player, Three-Time First Team All-MAAC at Loyola College
“I started working with Rob in college as a member of the Loyola College Women’s Soccer Team. Rob is a compassionate coach who cares about his athletes. Coach Taylor helped me improve my strength, endurance, and outlook on fitness and conditioning. Rob is patient, encouraging, enthusiastic, and his knowledge and expertise on strength training is phenomenal. Coach is a tremendous asset to anyone he works with.”
Carolyn Kennington
, Four Year All-MAAC Recipient, All-Time Career Assist Leader, All-Time Goal Leader, All-Time Points Leader, Third All-Time In Games Played, MAAC Rookie of the Year and MAAC Conference Tournament MVP at Loyola College
“Throughout my college and pro career, Coach Taylor has been one of the most important coaches that I have worked with. The training and knowledge that I have received has helped me to compete at the highest level. Rob’s unique style of training is the most comprehensive position specific training that I have received to date. This is the first time in my athletic career that I was able to use position specific training rather than just sport-appropriate training. Coach Taylor’s workouts not only pushed me physically, but were also very mentally challenging. Rob’s training programs are so effective that when you get to a competition, game day seems easy. Taking into account all things, the most admirable quality is that Coach Taylor cares about his athletes and the people he trains.”
PT Ricci
, Drafted #11 by the Washington Bayhawks, Two-Time Major League Lacrosse Champion, Major League Lacrosse All-Star, Two-Time First Team All-ECAC while at Loyola College.
“Coach Taylor is a unique individual who not only has an unrivaled enthusiasm for strength and conditioning, but who also demonstrates daily his innovative knowledge for the profession, commitment to his career, and dedication to his athletes. Coach Taylor’s positive outlook and his understanding of the “total athlete” enable him to effectively motivate and challenge each player. During my four years under his tutelage, I have learned a great deal about sport- and position-specific strength and conditioning, nutrition, and the beneficial effects of positivity and passion. As I now begin to transition from my playing career into the coaching ranks, I am grateful to have Coach Taylor as a mentor and resource.”
Christina Gomez
, NSCAA Academic All-AmericanThree time All-Conference Selection, MAAC All-Rookie Team, and SoccerBuzz All-Mid-Atlantic Freshman team award winner at Loyola College
“I have known and worked with Coach Taylor numerous times over a span of 10 years and can say without hesitation he is an outstanding strength & conditioning coach. He has tremendous knowledge and vast experience working with a variety of athletes at every level – from high school to professional.”
Alan Stein, Founder and Owner of Stronger Team
“While working with Coach Taylor’s programs, I saw a drastic difference in my strength, speed, agility, and quickness. Rob did a great job complimenting my weight lifting program with a mix of cardio activities for endurance and agility/sprint work for speed and quickness. I continued to utilize the same program through my career in the MLL. Coach’s program kept me in the type of shape needed to compete at that highest level of play.”
Dan Kallaugher
, Chicago Fire, Major League Lacrosse
“Robert worked for the Anaheim Angels under my direction and was an absolute fabulous addition to our staff. Robert was faced with a great challenge as a younger, recent graduate from his studies and thrust into a program with many professional athletes senior to him in age. Robert handled the challenge well with great passion and commitment. Robert is very strong on both of these attributes and has a ‘can do’ attitude that is both admirable and infectious. I would highly recommend Robert and would feel extremely comfortable with his skills to train and teach athletes at all levels.”
Trent Clark, Anaheim Angels
Director of Minor League Strength and Conditioning
“Our team has definitely become stronger and better equipped to handle the rigors of a full season because of Rob Taylor’s program. His strength and agility drills designed for our lacrosse team targeted the areas that every lacrosse players needs to work on in the off-season. We are excited to begin our second season with his program.”
Stephen Colfer
, Asst. Athletic Director/Head Lacrosse Coach at Cabrini College – 10 consecutive Colonial States Athletic Conference (CSAC) titles and nine straight appearances in the NCAA Tournament. He owns a commanding 138-37 career record, ranking second nationally among active Division III coaches in career winning percentage (.788).
“I had the pleasure of working with Rob as the Offensive Coordinator of the Australian Women’s Lacrosse team that won a silver medal in Prague at the 2009 Women’s World Cup. Rob’s dedication, commitment and passion not only to the Australian Women’s Lacrosse team, but the field of strength and conditioning is outstanding and he was a major reason and part of our success in 2009! Our players were definitely in the best shape of their life due to Rob’s world class strength and conditioning program. Rob has a unique ability to motivate, inspire and challenge the athletes that he works with by creating a training environment that aims to get the best out of every athlete. I look forward to working with Rob in the future and would recommend him to anyone that wants to gain that competitor edge on the field.”
Travis Roost, Assistant Coach, Offensive Coordinator – 2009 Australian Women’s Lacrosse Team
“I was a 6′ 1″, 175 lbs aspiring college pitcher with an average, 80-83 mph fastball when I met Coach Taylor. The only looks I was receiving were from Division II and Division III schools. After working on my strength, conditioning, and using baseball appropriate drills with Rob for five months, I weighed 210 lbs and was throwing the ball 86-88 mphs. This physical transformation helped me become a Division I pitcher at the University of Delaware. I have never met anyone in this industry that knows as much as Coach Taylor does about how to get the most out of an athlete. I would not be playing for the Blue Hens right now without Rob. Thanks again for everything, Coach Taylor!”
Seve Llanio
, Pitcher, University of Delaware and Gilman School
“We have used Rob at our practices for about a year now. Not only our girls quicker and stronger, but more importantly, they communicate more. Rob is an amazing motivator and our girls absolutely love working out with him. He is one of the main reasons we won the state championship and did very well at Nationals.”
Joe McAleer
, Head Coach, Team Attitude – 2012 Division 1 AAU Maryland State Champions
“When I began training with Coach Taylor I was about 190 pounds. My goal as a Division I ACC pitcher was to get stronger and gain the right kind of weight. Not only did I increase my strength, I began my season at an impressive 210 pounds with less body fat. Rob really knows how to push you to the limit without hurting you. He is a top notch guy; one of the best I’ve ever worked with. His training program prepared me for the next level and allowed me to accomplish my goals.”
Brandon Casas, Pitcher, University of Maryland and Gilman School





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