This article is authored by Dr. Josh Funk. Opinions expressed may not be that of SMARTER Team Training, STT sponsors or constituents. Josh Funk, DPT, CSCS is the Founder and President of Lax Factory, which is a comprehensive lacrosse program based in Western Maryland. With Lax Factory, he specializes in individual player development and is a club team coach throughout the year. Outside of skill development and coaching, Josh works as a physical therapist and performance coach. With his background he is able to work with athletes on a broad continuum of rehabilitation, training and skill development.

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Whether you are on a tough road game stretch, or enjoying your first vacation in a long time, it can be very difficult to get a good workout in away from home. When the hotel gym just isn’t cutting it for you, look no further than the suspension training.

Suspension training is an extremely versatile equipment modality that uses only your bodyweight and can challenge you in a variety of progressive exercises. The user is always in control of how easy or difficult an exercise is depending on the angle of their body, the angle of the suspension trainer and the foot position of the user.

In addition to its versatility, suspension training also features unstable training, which can be effective at preventing a wide variety of injuries. Whether you are holding with your hands or have your feet resting in the handles, this modality provides a proprioceptive-rich environment that encourages the user to show a higher level of control and stability than a regular bodyweight exercise.

Last, but definitely not least, the best part about suspension training has got to be its portability. I have been on vacation where I have wrapped it around a tree and also attached it to stadium bleachers when I was working a camp. You literally can attach it to just about any study object! The door anchor and extension strap can come in handy at times too.

Now, if you’re like me, you’ve found it pretty easy to work out at the hotel gym using the dumbbells and machines that they typically have. However, I have always had the hardest time getting a good leg work-out in. By bringing a TRX Suspension Trainer with me, I have been able to challenge myself with a wide variety of lunges, squats and bridge variations!

Check out the video below showing some of the exercises that you can try-out on your next road trip!

[tubepress video=”M5t8dF1rY4c”]

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