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Alex Walsh has been with SMARTER Team Training since October of 2015. He was a nationally competitive gymnast until age 15, where he won multiple local, state, and Eastern Region titles. After his gymnastics career he played rugby, and in high school was selected for the MD State All-Star team that went on to compete in the national championship match. He also played rugby for Towson University, where he was a part of a team with two back-to-back undefeated seasons and three straight trips to the national semifinals.

Walsh studied Exercise Physiology at Towson University and has interned at several different strength and conditioning facilities, including Under Armour Performance Centers and with Coach Taylor at STT. Coach Walsh works with athletes of all ages and levels of competition – from middle school all the way to professional. He has trained NCAA, NFL, Olympic and Paralympic athletes, and even professional bodybuilders. In addition to his strength and conditioning career, he was a gymnastics coach for 5 years and has worked with youth rugby programs for several years as well. Walsh is also a USA Rugby Referee and has officiated matches across the country at an increasingly high level.

In addition to training athletes and clients at STT, Alex is a content contributor to all sponsors including Rogers Athletic, Pit Shark, Iron Grip, Elite Form, RP Sports, VersaClimber, Fat Gripz, Hand Armor, and several more. Walsh has co-authored a chapter called “26 Ways to Make an Impact” to the textbook “Principles of Athletic Strength and Conditioning.” He is heavily involved in planning, preparing for, and administering SMARTER Team Training professional development conferences all over the country.

Alex is certified by USA Weightlifting.

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“ As a student-athlete I had a number of strength and conditioning coaches but no one quite like Rob Taylor. As I prepared for the past two Women’s Lacrosse World Cups, I didn’t realize how customized a program could be to a specific position and type of athlete until I worked so closely with Rob. I thought I had been in the best shape of life before but I realized I had so much more to give. Coach Taylor helped me reach a level of fitness that I didn’t know existed. The training program Rob made for me was very challenging both physically and mentally, and it prepared me to be confident and relentless once the World Cups arrived. Above and beyond Rob’s knowledge of strength and conditioning, he is passionate and intelligent. I know he puts in an unbelievable amount of work to come up with programs that suited each of us, not just a program that suited the sport. ”
Stacey Morlang, Team Australia Women’s Lacrosse, 2005 World Cup Champion, 2005 and 2009 All-World Team


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