The Leg Curl from Rogers Athletic has quickly become our favorite prone hamstring training piece of equipment. Rogers Athletic took into consideration the mechanical advantage, and at times disadvantage, of this muscle group through the entire range of motion. With adjustability to fit a wide range of athlete’s heights, the Leg Curl has become a staple on leg day.

It is easy to see that Rogers Athletic put a lot of thought into the Leg Curl. From the small footprint it has in our facility, the comfortable padding for your body and lower legs, to the Set Extension Technology, this piece has been a great addition to our programming.

Rogers Athletic Leg Curl

The Rogers Athletic Leg Curl is manufactured by Rogers Athletic. Discover other training equipment on their profile page.

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“Having the ability to focus in on the hamstring and strengthen the posterior chain is an asset for us. Rogers Athletic created an awesome Leg Curl that has quickly become a staple in our programming. Emphasize the eccentric phase of the contraction by using both legs to lift the resistance and then lower the weight with only one. Stay on the same leg for 5-8 solid reps and repeat on the other side. Both legs should raise the weight 10-16 times, but individually each leg should be put to the max eccentrically.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“The Rogers Athletic Leg Curl is the smoothest machine of its kind – it puts the body in a very comfortable and safe position but also has the ability to train the hamstrings to absolute failure. Since the hamstrings are generally considered to be mostly fast twitch muscle fiber, I like to stimulate the neurological system differently on this machine with an extended time under tensions set, generally of about 30 seconds. This may only be 2 or 3 actual repetitions – each being 10-15 seconds long, but the muscle is under constant tension and the brain is forced to continually fire for an extended period of time to activate a muscle for which it usually doesn’t have to do that.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach

Stay strong. Stay healthy…

“Posterior chain strength is a must for any athlete in our program. During lower body strength assessments it is common to see many athletes display quad dominant features, usually due to lack of hamstring strength. The prone position in the Pendulum Strength Leg Curl machine really provides a different feel compared to your normal leg curl machine as it allows for a full range of motion. Any type of eccentric training protocol here works well. Progressing from a superslow set (5 sec raise – 5 sec pause – 5 sec lower) to a negative-accentuated set (raise with 2 legs – lower with one leg) trains the hamstring in an eccentric phase, which helps to gain strength during the lengthening phase of the hamstring, which can help to decrease the risk of injury during the stride length phase of sprinting.” – Ade Parkes, Performance Coach





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