Personal Training Program

The growing field of personal training covers many different aspects of strength and conditioning, but individuals may have a different end goal than an athlete. Unlike sports where the main goal is performance related, the goal of personal training is relative to the client’s interests. Whether it is trying to lose weight from the holidays, competing in your first triathlon, trying to look better for beach season, recovering from an injury, or just becoming more active, there is a smart and effective approach to each individual’s goal.

There can be anxiety going to a large gym without structure, without a plan, without knowledge of the equipment or knowing what exercises to do. No one likes to feel lost, confused, or judged when they walk in the door. Our goal is to remove the intimidation, remove the fear of failure, and remove the anxiety that surrounds the experience of beginning an exercise program. By eliminating these obstacles and working with individuals in a progressive program, we make it easy to hold you accountable, and easier for you to finally accomplish your goals in a time efficient manner.

Time is one of the largest challenges people mention when asked why they don’t exercise more, or aren’t more physically active. At STT we offer training sessions that are as little as 30 minutes long, with locker rooms and showers in the facility, so training before work, during a lunch break, or a quick session at the end of the day is a time efficient way for you to train. Remember, we have time to do whatever we make time to do. If we can find time to watch a TV show, we can make the time to train.

A well thought out approach begins with an appropriate program. Every staff member of STT has a degree in the field of Exercise Science or Kinesiology, and is certified by at least one national organization. Our educational background is very important to us at STT, as “Education” is one of the cornerstones of our business. With our time in the academic setting combined with experience in the field, our staff knows how to properly develop an appropriate program for each individual, and modify exercises as needed to make sure you have a safe and successful experience. Tailoring the program to each individual’s schedule, previous lifting experience, end goal, and injury concerns gives you the greatest chance to reach your goal.

Part of a great plan for success is having the right tool for the job. Our relationships with the premier equipment companies in the field have provided us with unique tools that allow us to work around limiting factors individuals may have. From our Pit Shark platforms, which allow you to squat without loading your spine, to our Rogers Athletic machines, we can train the entire body literally from head to toe in a safe, effective, and progressive manner.





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