It is always an honor to be asked to share your experiences. This Friday, March 30 from 7-8 pm EST, Coach Taylor will be featured on the “Youth Movement, Jump Up and Join the Ride” show. You can also listen to the show on your smart phone or iphone, by searching “ftns radio” in your app store.

Are you an athlete? Non-athlete ages 8 to 18?  Are you a parent, coach, youth volunteer, P.E. teacher?  If you answered yes to one of these, then the Youth Movement show is for you.  Whether you are an athlete or not, “Youth Movement” is an inclusive show for all us.  Anthony Scire’s goal is to have an open forum, not just for the adults but for our youth as well in providing practical solutions on how we each balance our journey through guidance, education and inspiration.  If you are an athlete, this show will provide the latest research from the top people in the field of youth athletic development, but this show is not just about sets and reps. Many kids play sports, but what about those who do not? What happens to them?  Do we let them slip through the cracks?   How are we to deal with the obesity epidemic? What can be done at home, in school?  All of these topics will be covered and more!  Anthony’s mission is to utilize the latest research and science from fitness, to nutrition, in guiding our youth to become active for the long term and providing practical information that can be put into use.  Youth Movement is just that, for all of us that are involved in shaping the lives of our future generations.

Anthony’s passion is more than just helping people and our youth become physically fit, though. Mr. Scire says, “I want to find ways to help as many people as I can live healthy, productive lives, to guide them into making small, incremental changes that will become big changes in the long run.” To help in achieving that he says, “I’m doing more motivational and educational speaking, writing and using videos to reach as many people as possible and get them actively involved in leading a more balanced life”.  Anthony will be utilizing his talents, over the internet with FTNS Radio, the world’s first fitness radio show that streams live. His new show will focus on youth development for athletes and non-athletes, ages 8 to 18.  The show airs live every Friday night at 7pm at