Tactical Performance Training Program

Each day, members of the military, firefighters, and law enforcement face new and unexpected challenges as conditions, terrains, and situations are always changing. Every new scenario may require various physical assets and skills to succeed and, sometimes, survive. SMARTER Team Training’s Tactical Performance Training (TacticalSTT) includes instruction in movement training, injury reduction, linear and lateral speed development, foot speed and agility, power development, and strength training. TacticalSTT athletes are closely supervised and attention is always paid to proper technique and safety.

The TacticalSTT program maximizes the physical assets of tactical athletes by building strength, power, speed, and agility, while increasing flexibility and mobility to decrease the potential for injury. STT treats each TacticalSTT program participant as a professional, occupational athlete, monitoring their workouts by providing a strength and conditioning environment that is similar to what college and professional athletes experience.

TacticalSTT Program Highlights:
• Strength Training
• Conditioning
• Speed Enhancement
• Power Development
• Performance Flexibility
• Nutrition Education
• Team Building
• Leadership

Tactical athletes often perform with the highest stakes on the line. Training as a team, unit, or squad has numerous benefits that can contribute to a successful outcome. There is no better way to prepare a group than to have them train together. By incorporating a sport-appropriate strength training program in conjunction with a task-specific conditioning and mobility plan, teams can be ready for the intense rigors of boot camp, and when they are called to serve. Find out more about training your recruits or as a station in entirety by reaching out to Coach Taylor when you CLICK HERE.

Agility, Reaction, and Quickness Training
ARQ sessions provide conditioning and speed training techniques to enhance conditioning times and quality of movement patterns. This program is implemented year round focusing on running, landing, and cutting mechanics to educate the tactical athlete on proper mechanics and kinesthetic awareness.

TacticalSTT Weak Link Program
Whether you are Special Forces, a veteran in the Firehouse or Police Station, or a recruit preparing to go to boot camp, injuries are a risk for tactical athletes. Tactical personnel often suffer from overuse injuries, back pain, and other physical issues. Tactical professionals experience stresses on the body unlike those of any other profession. Whether carrying 90lb combat load or hauling 1000lb filled-fire hose, tactical professionals must be at their most optimal strength and fitness level for each mission. STT’s Weak Link program will focus on strengthening, along with injury reduction following throughout the TacticalSTT program:

• Head, neck, and upper back
• Shoulder
• Midsection
• Ankle
• Forearm, hand and fingers
• Knee
• Hip and Groin

STT has the experience to help you succeed. The Performance Staff at SMARTER Team Training are nationally certified coaches with proven success in the field. You can learn more about our staff’s background by CLICKING HERE.

SMARTER Team Training offers on-base/on-site educational seminars too. One hour, 3-hour, and 4-hour classes are available. Email Coach Taylor for more information on how STT can help your recruits, the soldiers on your base, fire personnel in your firehouse, as well as the officers at your station.





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