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SC/AD Conference in Baltimore, MD update

[tubepress video="XQdCHD6RNgg"] Waiting to the last minute to register?  Only a few seats left, so please hurry.  I would feel bad if you missed out because you got your registration in late.  Everything is coming together nicely.  The presenters are pumped to get this event rolling!  The vendors are excited to meet you.  And I [...]

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Special offer for SC/AD Conference

[tubepress video="tloL1ze_49c"] Have you heard that there is now special bonus offers for registering for the 4th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference sponsored by Zephyr Technology? This year’s event will be held on Friday and Saturday, July 23 and 24.  The conference has been designed specifically for high school, college and professional coaches, strength [...]

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SC/AD Conference in Baltimore, MD update

[tubepress video="oMfST_UeDOA"] Seats are going quickly for this year’s conference.  Possibly a new record attendance high!  Will you be the one that pushes us over the top?  Sign up today to make registration a breeze.  I look forward to meeting you next month. For more information about the SC/AD Conference and upcoming events, go to [...]

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Speed Camp Follow-Up

[tubepress video="7ePBb7s5eTw"] In just five short days, two teams and seven participants got involved with the Speed Camp launch at GISP. We had a blast! Looking forward to continuing the Speed Camps through the summer. 6 pm on Wednesdays at the Gordon Institute in Baltimore, Maryland. If you have teams or need another time, please [...]

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STT and GISP Speed Camp

[tubepress video="eTp9DtLTv3M"] SMARTER Team Training and the Gordon Institute of Sports Performance are launching the first of many speed camps on Wednesday, June 10 at 6 pm. This $20 event will be at GISP's brand new facility in Baltimore, MD. For pictures of the facility, go to and call 410-828-8218 to register today! STT [...]

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SC/AD Conference in Baltimore, MD update

[tubepress video="xb59cuXrzTM"] The who’s who of the strength and conditioning field are attending this year’s SC/AD Conference.  Have you registered yet?  The vendor area continues to grow and we had to expand our seating already for this year’s event.  Space is getting tight.  Register today to ensure you get a seat at the event of [...]

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SC/AD Michigan Clinic Wrap-Up

STT took another step this weekend with its first ever regional clinic. As this aspect of the education program grows only good things can come of it. I will be posting some highlight clips and pictures from the event in the next few weeks. The post on Friday started off the weekend just right. Honestly [...]

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