SMARTER Team Training features Nexxfield X-Gen E.2 Performance Turf from Thor Performance Products – one of the greatest things about this product is the portability factor – if you’re leasing a space, you’re unsure about where turf might fit into your facility, but know you have to have it – or want the ability to lay turf out for agility drills and then take it up to use the floor beneath – the Nexxfield Panel System is a perfect fit. They are 4’ x 8’ panels, that Velcro together, and have a compacted foam performance pad built into the panel to serve as the base layer that normally goes underneath of a field. When designing your facility, let Thor Performance Products identify what turf from the Thor Performance Turf Line is the best match for your training criteria.

Thor Performance Product Nexxfield Pro Turf Install

Thor Performance Products’ Joe Lopez On Nexxfield Pro Turf

Thor Performance Products Nexxfield Pro Turf Time Lapse

Joe Lopez From Thor Performance Products On Turf Reducers

Joe Lopez From Thor Performance Products On Thor Pro Tile and Nexxfield Pro Turf Transition

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Coach Taylor on turf…

“After years of coaching on turf and bringing home all of the ground tire black beads, I was absolutely shocked at how clean the Nexxfield X-Gen E.2 turf from Thor has been for us. There are no black beads in my shoes since there is no infill, nor are there any sharp turf blades digging into my socks throughout the day since installing the Nexxfield turf from Thor. The second question I had was, ‘How much turf would pull out as we cut and ran hard on the surface?’ Honestly, there has been no wear shown after serious agility and speed work or even after heavy sled training. Having the ability to add a unique turf look by changing the directions of the blades has all of our clients talking about the Nexxfield turf addition to the facility. When you see how quick and easy this turf was to install, there is no question that the Nexxfield X-Gen E.2 turf from Thor should be in every training facility that wants to provide a competitive training advantage.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training


Mike values turf…

“Turf is a must for an elite training facility, and for an elite facility you want elite turf. Thor Performance Products’ Nexxfield X-Gen E.2 is that turf. The compacted foam padding gives the turf a soft, yet stable, feel under the foot while being durable enough for your athletes to drive their cleats into the ground over and over again. Being able to replicate what it feels like to run on a quality grass field, indoors, in cleats, is invaluable.” – Mike Whitman, Director of Training

Alex trains on turf…

“Thor Nexxfield Turf X-Gen E.2 is a fantastic option for a facility working with athletes at all levels of competition. As a rugby player, coach, and referee, I prefer a surface that is comfortable to land on for drills and training. Whether my players are doing tackling technique, doing agility drills, or even just running sprints, Nexxfield turf by Thor is my number one choice of surface to train on.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach






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