The Thor Pro Tile is a real workhorse – it’s an evolved version of the 2’ x 2’ x 1” thick rubber tile that has been featured in weight rooms and free weight areas since the 90’s. It has a waffled back, which means – almost 400 individual contact points on each tile, to help to spread the load of impact on the floor.

The Thor Pro Tile has over 20 standard colors, and for a large enough project we have an almost unlimited capacity to create a custom color to complement a specific palette. If you give Thor the artwork for your logo, they can have it sized and water-jet cut to drop right into the floor in a platform center, entryway, or anywhere else. The Thor Pro Tile makes a big statement about what sort of place you are running – so reach out to the team at Thor for their recommendations to help fortify your facility.

Joe Lopez From Thor Performance Products On Thor Pro Tile Advantages

Thor Performance Products Pro Tile Goes Down At SMARTER Team Training

Benefits of Thor Performance Products’ Thor Pro Tile With Joe Lopez

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Coach Taylor in the weight room…

“If you want a professional looking weight room that catches the eye and is extremely functional, you have to start from the floor up. Flooring really has become its own training modality. No question the Thor Pro Tile takes a training facility to a new level. The versatility that Thor Pro Tile provides to programming goes without saying. From barbell lift variation to dumbbell training area and more, the right flooring helps with safety and sound reduction. I prefer the tile look and having the custom appearance of the offset layout really makes the room pop. With so many color combinations to choose from, there really is no reason not to add Thor Pro Tile to a serious training environment.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Alex wants a floor to look good and last…

“Thor Pro Tile is an all around class act, from aesthetics and appearance to functionality and dependability, this floor has everything. At STT, we believe that first impressions are one of the most important parts of any interaction. With Thor Pro Tile, the weight room looks as top notch as any professional or college facility, which can have a lasting impact on young athletes. Training in a facility that promotes a professional atmosphere is a big part of what motivates athletes to train hard. Thor Pro Tile makes our weight room look professional, so the athletes that train in it want to train like professionals.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach

Flooring makes a difference…

“When I first saw the Thor Pro Tile I was immediately impressed with the quality of the product. The thickness and material type was perfect for the weight room. Flooring is an area that should be considered important from a safety aspect, but also from a business aspect. The Thor Pro Tile looks professional and is very easy to clean to help maintain its look.” – Ade Parkes, Performance Coach





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