The Thor Resi24 system is a hybrid performance flooring product that leverages Thor Performance Products’ specialization in Acoustic Solutions, to create a 1” thick base. Resi24 features a super thick version of Thunder Flat acoustic underlayment as the performance layer, with a denser colored wear-layer to finish off the system, in some palettes the wear-layer comes in at 3/8” thick.

The Resi24 performance layer also helps to soften the floor underfoot, making it more comfortable to stand on, and more forgiving on your joints during Olympic lifting movements, without sacrificing any dimensional stability. Work with Thor on figuring out what flooring solutions you need where, and maximize the space you have with the best, smartest investment

Thor Performance Product Custom Resi24 Platform Install

Joe Lopez On The Resi System from Thor Performance Products

Thor Performance Products Resi24 Install Time Lapse

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Coach Taylor wants safety and efficiency…

“When you program any barbell exercise that has to hit, bounce, or roll on the floor, then you really need the correct tool for the job. The custom Thor Resi24 in-lay platforms not only are a talk of the weight room, they provide serious function too. The thick layer of soft flooring helps absorb the weight when it lands in the drop zones plus deadens the sound that is so often associated with weight lifting. The part that I may like the most about the Thor Resi24 in-lay platforms is that the entire surface is safe to train on. When we use a hex bar and land on the middle of the platform, it is not a problem at all. Having the platform at the same height as the rest of the floor promotes a safe training environment while maintain the efficiency of our space.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Alex on the platform…

“Any one training with Olympic lifts will benefit from using a Thor Resi24 in-lay platform. Not only are the Thor Resi24 platforms easy to install, but they do not budge when going heavy. Drop a weight from a below the knee hang or straight overhead and this floor will slow the fall to prevent the weight from bouncing or rolling, as well as deaden the sound it makes when it hits. With all the Olympic lifts we teach to future college athletes, the Thor Resi24 Olympic platforms were a necessary addition to our weight room.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach

Platforms that catch the eye and are functional too…

“The Thor Resi 24 platforms along with the Thor Pro Tile makes training in the weight room functional in regards to the usage of space. The Thor Resi 24 platform is unlike any traditional platform in that it blends in with the Thor Pro Tile, creating a level surface to lift, walk or jump on. Along with the custom logo, it adds style to the weight room and well as functionality.” – Ade Parkes, Performance Coach





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