[tubepress video=”d5C8bJPbngQ”] “I’m good. Let’s go.” “Take a lap.” “I stretched, so I am good to start.” These should all be red flag statements at the beginning of any workout. You need to prepare the body to train or compete. Game day, practice, conditioning, strength, etc all need the appropriate warm-up so that the body is stimulated physically and neurologically to perform well. Using 10-15 minutes to warm up is also a great time to incorporate weak link training into your comprehensive program. Watch this clip from Nick Tumminello at the Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference to learn a few new exercises to include in your warm up to activate and stretch the body. Take care of your body, make warm ups and cool downs a priority, have a nutrition and rehydration recovery strategy, and improve your weak links to make you even more successful this season.

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