The Pit Shark Push-Up has an immediate positive impact on our programming at SMARTER Team Training. The bench press is no longer the king of the weight room. Pit Shark developed the Push-Up to allow for various hand positions to accommodate potential shoulder issues while targeting specific areas of the upper body. The SpeedHook and harness make using this piece time efficient.

Adding the Band Tensioner to the Pit Shark Push-Up upgrades the experience on this piece instantly. The strength curve can be adjusted using bands to allow for assisted or resisted reps and drop sets without losing tension in the muscle. The handles can also be adjusted to accommodate the width of the trainee.

Pit Shark Weighted Push-Up

Pit Shark Weighted Push-Up Setup

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“On the Pit Shark Push-Up the ‘747’ protocol always gets solid feedback. Complete seven slow and controlled reps, then rest for 45 seconds and add the orange band. At the end of the rest, complete four proper reps again, and rest 45 seconds removing the band for the last set of seven high quality reps. When time is limited, adding 6-10 quality reps on the Rogers Athletic 3-Way Row where rest would normally be is an excellent way to attack the upper body training requirements in our program.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training


Mike changes his training up with…

“One of the reasons I love this piece is because I can properly load athletes in the eccentric phase in a safe way without a spotter. I have seen this really help our athletes who struggle to control the bottom part of a push-up. The eccentric protocol for this is 15 seconds on/15 seconds off for time until failure. We begin by loading them with weight, which may be anywhere from a couple hundred pounds and a band to as little as the harness alone. I have them perform a 15 second negative push-up, lowering all the way until the platform taps the ground, resting for 15 seconds and repeating. The protocol ends when the athlete can no longer perform a 15 second eccentric with good form.” – Mike Whitman, Director of Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“The Pit Shark Push-Up is superior to a bench press, in my opinion, as it provides the possibility of more range of motion, allows the scapulas to move free (as opposed to lying on a bench) and we can train to absolute momentary muscular failure without danger of dropping a barbell on somebody. My favorite protocol on the Pit Shark Push-Up is to compound set it with the Rogers Athletic Shoulder Incline. 8 weighted push-ups immediately followed by 8 vertical shoulder presses and rest for 45 seconds. Repeat 4 times to have the anterior deltoids, pecs, and triceps on fire.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach


Riley enjoys this protocol the most…

“A great protocol for the Pit Shark Push-Up is using a weight that you can lift 15-20 times to perform 4 sets of 10 reps every minute on the minute. If a set of 10 takes you 20 seconds to complete than you only have 40 seconds before your next set begins. Make sure that you do not sacrifice form in order to get through the reps quicker. The Pit Shark Push up gives you a far greater range of motion than your traditional bench press.” – Riley Oharah, Former Performance Coach






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