The Shoulder Incline gives the lifter a unique experience that makes training overhead pressing movements effective and more comfortable. Rogers Athletic considered the stress that is placed on the shoulder complex from sports and life giving the trainee adjustment options to account for discomfort, size of chest, flexibility, arm length, and more.

With the Set Extension Technology from Rogers Athletic, we can train the upper body pushing muscles from incline to overhead. If you have shoulder discomfort, the seat angle can be adjusted and the range limiter set to minimize the potential for pain. The unilateral design makes training around soreness from games or everyday life effective, efficient, and productive.

Rogers Athletic Pendulum Shoulder Incline Chest

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“The quick adjustments from shoulder press to incline in an easy seller to me with the Shoulder Incline from Rogers Athletic. Set the lifter up to complete 8-12 quality overhead reps to fatigue, then move the range limiter and seat for incline with the same weight. The pushing muscles will tire out quickly, and the intensity will ramp up your workouts in a hurry. I will superset this with shrugs before and independent hand rows on the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull for an efficient upper body session.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“The Shoulder Incline from Rogers Athletic is a great place to do another version of the elevator protocol, this time without having to move the seat or range limiter. This can be done at any of the three stationary settings – shoulder press, incline press, or chest press. Select on of those three movements, use about 50-55% of 1RM. These elevator reps consist of a 3 second pause at the top, middle, and bottom phases of the motion. For instance, with a standard shoulder press, hold the weight all the way up for 3 seconds, pause for 3 seconds with elbows and shoulders at 90 degrees, and finally pause at the bottom of the repetition, still holding the weight above the shoulders. This protocol works great on other Rogers Athletic pieces, such as the Power Squat Pro or Leg Curl, as well.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach

Efficient and productive training is key…

“The Shoulder Incline from Pendulum Strength is a unique piece of equipment in that you can move through a series of upper body pressing exercises in one quick circuit. In a 3 set protocol we can take a client through a chest press, incline chest press and a vertical shoulder press. Combining this with a 3 set protocol on the Pendulum Strength Racks with an inverted row at 3 different body angles hits the chest, shoulders and back as well as getting the forearms and upper arms involved for a total upper body workout.” – Ade Parkes, Performance Coach





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