The Hip Press from Rogers Athletic isn’t your old school leg press. With the Pendulum design, this piece adds training range of motion to each set. With a wide stance, the muscles of the hips and thighs can be put to their max. This piece has become a staple on leg day for many clients and athletes at SMARTER Team Training.

Adjustments are easy with the smooth sliding seat. Weight changes between and during sets or between trainees can be efficient. Using the Set Extension Technology and range limiter in combination makes leg day intense and productive. Plus the various foot position allow for a wide range of protocols to keep leg training effective.

Set Technology On The Hip Press From Rogers Athletic

The Rogers Hip Press is manufactured by Rogers Athletic. profile page.

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“One of my all-time favorite go to protocols on the Hip Press has to be ‘Regression’ sets. Start with 10-12RM weight and execute six reps of four second concentric, pause, six seconds eccentric, and pause. Then rest 15-20 seconds. Repeat this sequence for 5 reps, rest, 4, rest, 3, rest, 2, rest, and 1. If you complete all 21 reps, then increase the resistance next training session. At times I will change up the protocol and do the same thing on the Reverse Glute Ham from Rogers Athletic too. Six reps on the Hip Press, then six on the RGH with no rest in between. We would go right into five reps on both pieces, then 4, and so on.”– Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“My favorite protocol on the Rogers Athletic Hip Press is called ‘Crazy 5s.’ This protocol is 20 repetitions total – 5 with both legs, then 5 with one leg and then 5 on the other, than finishing with 5 more with both legs. We use a light weight, relative to what the athlete may usually use, as they’ll need to be able to press it with only one leg. My other favorite place to use this protocol is the Rogers Athletic 3-Way Row or Lat Combo Pull.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach

Stick to the fundamentals…

“The Hip Press is a great tool to use with beginner clients and youth athletes to teach them about quality control of the repetition. Choose a light to medium load and ask the client to control the weight back to the range limiter for 5 seconds. Once the client taps the pin they then push the weight for 5 seconds until they reach almost full extension. Performing this set for 50 seconds yields 5 reps and teaches the client about how we coach the repetition and Time Under Tension methods. I like to superset this protocol with the Pendulum Strength Leg Curl for a total lower body workout.” – Ade Parkes, Performance Coach





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