Pit Shark’s first piece of strength training equipment manufactured was the Tall Frame. This original piece provides incredible benefits to those who train on it. The Pit Shark Tall Frame provides the trainee the capability of doing chin-ups and pull-ups. With adjustable handle heights and multiple hand positions, it is a versatile piece built for athletes of all sizes.

You can also train the lower body with belt squats, front squats, lunges, and more without loading the spine. The Pit Shark Tall Frame allows you to work on your RDLs, deadlift and helps you fit in calf training too.

When you dial in your weight for the desired rep range, you can easily shorten the lever arm to increase resistance without adding weight. Plus, you can throw on the bands to add a unique stimulus to your training. When it is time to get heavy, it is time to get on a Pit Shark.

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Coach Taylor’s go to exercise…

“The Pit Shark Tall Frame is an excellent addition to any serious strength training facility. One of my favorite circuits involves body weight dips to pull ups on the Tall Frame, then weighted lunges to RDLs to belt squat. The second round we add a belt to the dips and pull ups then back to lunges, RDLs, and belt squat most likely adding some resistance. The third round involves negative only dips and pull ups, plus we add a band to lunges, RDLs, and the belt squat reps. Three rounds of 5-8 reps each exercise is tough.” – Rob Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

Alex keeps it creative with…

“Whether you are looking to train your entire body or only get after one area, the Pit Shark Tall Frame is a great piece for equipment for strength training. I like to pair it with the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull for an intense backside of the upper body lift. Three rounds of weighted pull-ups in a compound set with Pit Shark Row-and-Pull chest supported rows will have any athlete’s back on fire. Start with wide grip pull-ups, followed by neutral grip, and then finally chin-ups. In between each set of these vertical pulls, complete a set of eight banded rows on the Pit Shark Row-and-Pull.” – Alex Walsh, Performance Coach

Weighted pull-ups are excellent for strength…

“The Pit Shark Tall frame is unique in that it allows you to be able to train the entire posterior chain in one area. Start with calf raises, followed by good mornings for hamstring, glute and low back strength. Finish with a pull-up set before moving into belted squats or split squats.” – Ade Parkes, Performance Coach





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